The Market Revolution

Robert Fultons steamship making it famous trip up the Hudson River in 1808. This helped by bringing down the cost of commerce by making upstream navagation possible and making speeding up trade on the Great Lakes.

Erie Canal opens Upstate New York and Old Northwest to settlement. It helps imporve trade between farmers in the west and manufacturing in the east.

Erie Canal System

Railroads open up new areas in the interior of the country and help lead to the growth of coal mining and iron manufacturing.

In the 1830's Samuel B. Morse's telegraph revolutionizes communication changing business and news forever

Eli Whitney 1794 patent for Cotton Gin, which leads to the expansion of American slavery and the Cotton Kingdom of the Deep South

Textile Industry's in the north profited greatly from the cotton that was being grown by slaves in the deep south "Cotton Kingdom"

"Lowell Mill Girls" because native born American men did not want to give up their freedom and work under conditions of constant supervision, many of the earliest factories in Mass hired young unmarried women to work in the mills.

Cartoon "Uncle Sam's Lodging House"

Nativists viewed the Irish stereotyped the Irish as they did blacks and blamed them for Urban violence

Market Society Questions
Henry David Thoreau "Civil Disobedience"