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NY Times Article from October 20, 1862 about Brady's photo series "The Dead at Antietam"
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Mr. BRADY has done something to bring home to us the terrible reality and earnestness of war. If he has not brought bodies and laid them in our dooryards and along the streets, he has done something very like it. At the door of his gallery hangs a little placard, "The Dead of Antietam." Crowds of people are constantly going up the stairs; follow them, and you find them bending over photographic views of that fearful battle-field, taken immediately after the action. (Published in the NY Times October 20, 1862)

President of the United States Abraham Lincoln

President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis

Ulysses S. Grant the military General whose victories in the West won him command of the Army of the Potomac and Lincoln's affection. His nicknames during the war included "Unconditional Surrender" and "Unspeakable Slaughter"

General Robert E. Lee the military mastermind who lead Confederate army of the Virginia