Allen November: Ask students to find the most interesting photo on the web that links up to subject discussung in class


Audience response system that uses mobile phones, twitter, and the web.

a world-class online library of education videos. Students and teachers can quickly and easily find exactly the right education videos to help them succeed in school.
provides you with free, short films of university lecturers speaking on topics taken from the A-level curriculum.

Teaching Channel
Inspired Teaching. Inspiring Classrooms. With the help of the Tch community, our mission is to revolutionize how teachers learn, connect, and inspire each other to improve the outcomes for all K-12 students across America.

Crash Course on Youtube
Two awesome courses in one awesome channel: John Green teaches you world history and Hank Green teaches you biology.

Darren Fix a middle school science teacher shares video of his favorite demo lessons

In December, 2011, Ian Waitz, MIT’s Dean of Engineering, launched the MIT-K12 project student-produced educational video initiative.

The History Engine
The History Engine is an educational tool that gives students the opportunity to learn history by doing the work—researching, writing, and publishing—of a historian. The result is an ever-growing collection of historical articles or "episodes" that paints a wide-ranging portrait of life in the United States throughout its history and that is available to scholars, teachers, and the general public in our online database.

National Geographic Documentaries
National Geographic is one of the largest non-profit scientific and educational institutes in the world, bringing to the public eye exciting new discoveries direct from the field. Their documentaries span a variety of interests, from environmental and historical conservation to the study of world culture and history with the purpose of inspiring people to care about the planet.

National Geographic Geo Bee Quiz
Play the GeoBee Challenge game and test your geography IQ with daily trivia questions from the National Geographic Bee. Plus: See how you stack up against others.

An article explaining what a flipped Classroom would look like in different subject classrooms

The First interactive resource that lets you explore the complex relationship between history and film.