Chapter 11 Powerpoint

Slavery and the Constitution from PBS African's in America
Fugitive Slave Act from PBS African's in America
A Simple Tale of American Slavery a speech by Frederick Douglass (
Sheffield, England, on September 11, 1846)Slave Narratives from The Library of Congress & Complete List of Slave Narratives
Slave Memories PBS
"The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro" by Frederick Douglass
Frederick Douglass Writings a source to some of his written documents
"All Night Forever" scene from Ken Burns documentary the Civil War
Pro Slavery Petitions from Virginia PBS African's in America
William Lloyd Garrison "the Liberator"
Nat Turner's Rebellion from PBS African's in America "Confessions of Nat Turner"
by Mary Hubbard, Advanced Placement History Teacher, Retired Alabama History Education Initiative Consultant


"Knowing the influence I had obtained over the minds of my the communion of the Spirit, whose revelations I often communicated to them... I now began to prepare them for my purpose." - Nat Turner