Discovery Education Reconstruction Video Part 1
Essay Question: The title that PBS gave this movie is "Reconstruction: The Second Civil War". Analyze how Reconstruction was a "second Civil War" in terms of political, social, and economic matters.
Discovery Education Reconstruction Video Part 2
Thaddeus Stevens Speech of December 18, 1865
The Black Codes
President Johnson Civil Rights Bill Veto Message
The Civil Rights Amendments of the Reconstruction Era:13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments
Thaddeus Stevens on Black Suffrage 1867
Thomas Nast Political Cartoons
Reconstruction PowerPoint Presentation
Reconstruction Terms and Names

Abram Colby a former slave and member of the Georgia legislature testifies to Congress 1872
B. W. Marston a white planter testifies to congress in testimony to congress on southern violence
Historians describe white Southerners' varied responses to emancipation and the issue of civil rights

The Freedmen's Bureau

Thomas Nast and the "Swing Around the Circle"

"This is a White Man's Government" Thomas Nast cartoon depicting the divisivepolitics of Reconstruction America. A Democrat politican, an ex Confederate, and a Northern Irish immigrant are seen stepping on a black man.

A northern white man and a black man are accused of murder and lynched

The different groups that made up black voters are depicted in this image (ex slave, black who had been free prior to emancipation, and the black soldier)

Radical Reconstruction