Google Training

Google ISTE Presentations

Command F or Control F: allows you to find specific text on a web page

Google Operators


if you type it will limit your search to only sites that end in edu in other words education sites. Make sure there is no space between the colon : and the dot .

.org – organization
.com – company
.sch – school (used outside of US)
.k12 – most US school sites
.edu – US higher ed
.gov – US government (add country code for outside US)
.ac – higher ed outside of US usually used with country code, example, “”
.net – network
.mil – US military
.co – Company (if paired with a country code, example “,” the state of Colorado or the country, Columbia)


if you type filetype:ppt it will limit your search to only ppt or PowerPoint files. (Make sure there is no space after the colon:)



if you type -word it will eliminate whatever word is screwing up your search so if you were looking for salsa recipes and were getting to many pages about salsa dancing you would search for salsa -dancing if you didn't want to have salsa with onions you would search for salsa -onions (make sure there is no space between the - symbol and the word)

Double Quotes

If you are looking for words in a certain order use double quotes around them. "We hold these truths to be self evident"


if you type the word define before a word google will bring up the definition and pronunciation. Then click on "More Info" to help you refine your search.

Six Degrees of Separation Game
Have you ever played the "Six Degrees of Separation" game, where you try to get from one celebrity to another via co-stars in movies they have in common? Clicking only in the information panels on the right side of the screen, our search expert got from Mona Lisa to the Golden Gate Bridge in seven clicks. That is, she entered the query [Mona Lisa], clicked on something in the panel on the right side of the screen, then clicked on something else in the resulting screen, and so forth, and finally ended up at a page about the Golden Gate Bridge. How did she do it? Can you do it with fewer clicks?
Find your own "six degrees" chain using the panels on the right.