Teen Guide To the 2012 Election
Youth Communication reporters investigate Mitt Romney and Barack Obama's platforms on the economy, health care, gay rights, reproductive rights, and education.

Full coverage of the 2012 US presidential election with candidate bios and pro and con positions on dozens of key issues.

Engage Future Voters with Election Projects
With the presidential election dominating the news between now and November, there's no shortage of timely material to bring into classroom discussions. If used as the starting point for project-based

The Choices Program
From now until November 6th, Choices is also offering an Election Series of six topics central to the 2012 presidential election.

Election Candidate Match Game II
Play USA TODAY's Candidate Match Game II to find out which candidate -- Barack Obama or Mitt Romney -- you agree with most on the key issues of the day.

iSideWith is a new app that shows which political candidates you side with based on the issues selected most important to you.

Penpal News
PenPal News is a web app that uses news as a conversation-starter to connect middle and high school students around the world.

Great Free Websites for Teaching 2012 Election
If you're like us, you see the election everywhere on the Web. But finding useful Web sites for teaching the election? That's a different story.

NY Times Election 2012: Teaching Ideas and Resources
New: Election 2012 Unit and special Student Opinion Contest Here are some suggestions for teaching and learning about the 2012 election season, followed by selected New York Times

Electoral Map Battleground States
A look at the battleground states in the 2012 presidential race.

How the Electoral College Works
Video Explaining how the Electoral College Works

National Constitution Center ad-omatic lets students create their own candidates and political ads.

The Choice - PBS Frontline
Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have crafted their campaign narratives, telling you who they are, what they've done, and how they would lead America. But there's more to their stories. On October 9, 2012